Suspended Animation

In the world where the acts are played, by actors galore ,
Acts which soon become parts of folklore;
The vivid dynamism is there for everyone to see,
Actions of the Actors provide dividends of glee..

As the Act unfolds, are brought forth emotions, myriad,
The synchronous fallout reminds me of the flawless ballad;
From joy to sorrow; From today to the morrow;
Experiences and adaptations, from life, they borrow..

The stage seems glorious with the pomp of lavishness;
Even in penury is seen the aspect of clinical finesse,
Ah, but is it not true that the entire carnival is orchestrated?
I still wait to see if the symphony, in real life stands tested..

Transience is the only common thread I find worth recall,
Relativity of time is what makes one take a call;
In reality, the semblance of perfection prompts us to reject,
But pray, how do we know what’s perfect to judge what’s perfect?

Even as the actors get busy in their transitions;
What was played out was indeed a planned representation ,
I am compelled to think of the dynamism of real life manifestations;
A Pause, I take to evaluate this Suspended Animation….

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